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5 reasons to skip the skip!

There are 5 top reasons to use a service like ours in favour of a traditional skip. They are: cost, speed, hassle, eyesore and practicalities. To sum up each of these really briefly:


Asking us to clear away your rubbish is nearly always going to be cheaper than skip hire. It’s fair enough – they have to make two trips to our one in a much bigger vehicle and sometimes you end up with a skip that is too big for your needs. Big Skip Syndrome is something we can help you avoid! It’s hard to equate skip size with the rubbish you have to dispose of.


We are waste removal ninjas – in and out really quickly. We respond really quickly to your request, will come and see you beforehand to quote if you prefer and book it in as soon as you need us. We turn up, load up for you and it’s gone!


Who wants a metal box full of rubbish on their drive for days/weeks on end? It attracts no end of skip divers and unwanted creatures who are looking for food or somewhere to nest.

So much hassle!

If you don’t have a driveway available you’re going to need a permit for your skip which will need to be organised and pay for, this is usually in the region of £60+. We also do all the lifting and dismantling of heavy or awkward objects. Show us where your junk is and we’ll whisk it away. Our job is all about taking away your rubbish and your stress.


There are some items that simply don’t work in a skip. Because of the slanted sides, you’ll struggle to get anything bulky in without having to break it up or exceeding the fill limit. We can dismantle and remove without you needing to do a thing. You don’t even need to bring your things outside.

Of course the skip has its place, we love a skip, especially for rubble, heavy clearances and soil. But if you have a pile of junk ready to go, Optimum Recycling is nearly always going to be your best bet.

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