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Clearing the way for good mental health

“Your home is living space, not storage space”

Francine Jay

Living in a space that is disorderly at best, chaotic at worst (or anywhere in between) is mentally and physically draining. Having a tidy, organised place in which to live or work is incredibly beneficial to our mental health for a number of reasons. A tidy home or office also helps you feel more competent and on top of things - and therefore it’s great for confidence.

It’s useful to note the areas within your home that could benefit from a visit from Optimum Recycling! You’ll know where the problem areas are and a scan of our 5 tips below will help steer your thoughts. Is it a mountain of shoes and coats in the hallway? Is it an issue to find a safe place in the garage to store your bike? Do you not dare to pop your head through the loft access? By being in control, living clutter-free and introducing a calm, organised vibe you’ll automatically reduce your cortisol levels and therefore your stress.

Here are our top wellbeing reasons to have less stuff:

Getting organised means you save so much time – you know where things are so you don’t spend ages hunting them down. You also don’t get distracted whilst you’re on the search for that elusive pair of shoes or screwdriver. Having focus and everything in the right place is very soothing for busy minds.

Getting rid of unnecessary junk means you know what you own – I wonder how many of us own duplicates of several items? Christmas tree stands, baby gates, wellies – the list is endless. If you have an overcrowded space, you’re much more likely to re-purchase something by accident. Knowing what you have, being able to visualise the contents of your cupboards, drawers, wardrobes and attic space (for example) is calming and reassuring.

Regular clear outs result in reduced waste – what is the oldest sell by date to be found in your kitchen cupboard? It’s a great game but it’s a worry when you realise that the Angel Delight hasn’t seen the light of day since 1976. If you keep your cupboard contents in order you’ll be able to see what you have and use things before they expire. Being less wasteful is a boost for both your self-esteem and finances.

Your space reflects your mood – getting rid of rubbish, especially broken or useless items is good for the soul. But more than that, creating an organised space to work, relax or sleep - that is clutter-free - creates great energy. The state of your surroundings plays a huge part in good mental health.

Also a less crowded place is easier to keep clean. The result is an environment that you can easily manage. Creating a room that serves its purpose and meets your needs will result in a positive and relaxed mood.

An organised home reduces family stress – we’ve all been there… last minute panics when we’re late for the office or school run because you can’t find something. There’s a blame culture that blows up quickly with each one of these pressures. Throw away all the stuff you don’t need, that doesn’t fit, work properly or have a purpose and introduce some order to those all too familiar family moments! Having a place for everything makes it easier to keep track of everything and helps to avoid predictable confrontations and tension within the family.

A study by the University of Connecticut found that by removing or controlling clutter, we can directly reduce the stress that stems from the mess which can help us to feel happier, less anxious, and more confident in ourselves. On this basis, we shouldn’t restrict spring cleaning to spring but make it part of our lives all year round.

Once you have your pile ready for us, just give us a call or go to the enquiry form online – you’ll need to send a photo or arrange for an in-person quote and we’ll do the rest quickly, compliantly and with complete professionalism. We can collect from inside or outside, leaving you with a junk-free home or office!

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