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FAQs - what happens to my rubbish?

Where do you take my rubbish?

Every scrap of waste that Optimum collects, whether it has been picked up from a household or business premises, goes to a licensed commercial waste facility.

Are all waste facilities the same?

No, some are licensed to accept everything – these are called ‘fully permitted sites’ and can take anything including bin bags of general mixed waste, old broken bits of wood and other junk. Others are ‘exempt sites’ and might be restricted to services such as paper and plastic recycling only. We use the correct site for the waste we’re clearing.

How will I know where does my waste ends up?

All reputable waste carriers will supply you with a waste transfer note (WTN). This is a compliance document that details where your waste will be disposed. The site receiving the waste (detailed in the WTN) will have the necessary permits or exemptions to receive the waste.

Do I get a WTN even if I’m not a business?

As a domestic customer you don’t have to have a waste transfer note – a receipt is all that is required under the duty of care regulations. However Optimum Recycling provides you with a WTN for peace of mind. Bear this in mind if you’re using a company who might fly-tip your junk – it can often be traced back to you and a WTN will give you everything in writing.

Can a licensed waste carrier take my rubbish to the local council tip?

No, once you have entered into a financial transaction and have paid someone to take your junk away, it becomes a commercial contract and the waste must be taken to a licensed facility. A person collecting your rubbish from your house/business shouldn’t take it to the council tip. As we always say, do you ever see a skip company tipping their skips at the council tip?

What do you mean by a licensed facility?

A licenced facility is a site that holds a waste permit or waste exemption. A household waste and recycling centre (HWRC) also known as a council tip is not a compliant disposal site for commercial waste.

Does Optimum pay to get rid of the rubbish it collects?

Yes we do. When our vehicles arrive at the waste facility they go on to a weighbridge. We are then charged by the weight we are disposing of. We are issued with a weighbridge ticket to complete the transfer.

How do we avoid being fined for fly-tipping?

Please consider who you are trusting to remove and dispose of your waste. Fly-tipping is a major environmental issue and is increasing in the Cambridgeshire area year on year. Quite often evidence that links the rubbish back to you means you could be held responsible and fined. The Government is looking to increase the fines for fly-tipping. Having proof of collection by means of a waste transfer note removes the likelihood of your implication.

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