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Regular rubbish collections for Cambridge businesses

At Optimum Recycling we enjoy lots of repeat business because we do what we say we will, when we say we will. This is really important for businesses in particular for a number of reasons – and that has led to us working with many of them in and around the Cambridge area. We offer a service that successfully ticks our commercial customers’ waste management boxes, including:


We’re fully licensed, insured and issue Waste Transfer Notes on completion of each collection. This means you will know where we deposited your rubbish and that it was taken care of properly. We offer a completely transparent service. Commercial waste is treated differently to household waste and it’s important that any supplier knows the very important differences.


As every load we remove is managed compliantly there is absolutely zero risk of your rubbish being compromised in any way. Sadly fly tipping is on the rise and with it a greater chance of your rubbish being identified – for which you would be liable. We do things properly!


Knowing your rubbish will be collected on time, on a regular basis, means you don’t have to think about it. It’s a given, you put it out and we take it away. It’s not something you should have to revisit once the contract is in place.

Brand protection

Knowing your rubbish won’t be around for long means your business presents well, projects the right image and looks its best. No one wants bins, bags, cardboard and all sorts of unsightly mess hanging around.

Health and safety

Hand in hand with a reliable pick up is the knowledge that your company’s waste won’t be in situ long enough to attract any unwanted scavengers (rodent, fox or human!). And another aspect to our health and safety tick box is the manner in which our crews operate. They are uniformed and wear any necessary PPE to carry out their work safely.


Our range of vehicles means we are able to access smaller side streets and driveways that larger, municipal vehicles can’t get to. Our ability to access more out of the way premises has been an increasingly popular reason to use our services, especially with more people operating their businesses from a home address.

Friendly, professional 2-man teams

Finally, you will always get a duo who are courteous, efficient and there to help. We will complete our collections on time and as expected, time after time.

For many businesses, a private collection contract is the only way to ensure that rubbish is removed on a regular basis. By setting up a weekly, fortnightly or monthly collection our customers know they can rely on any unsightly bags, bins and other rubbish to be picked up and managed compliantly. We also offer one-off collections and clearances if needed. If you are a business based in the Cambridge area (ask if you’re unsure if we cover your postcode), get in touch to see how we can work together.

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