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What we do with your rubbish...

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

We are often asked what we do with the stuff we collect from houses, gardens and commercial premises.

Well, there are three things you need to know - we manage all collected waste compliantly, we use our vast amounts of industry knowledge and everything is issued with a full paper trail. In other words, we do it properly!

Quite a lot happens once we leave in one of our vehicles and the next stage of the journey depends on whether we are collecting from domestic or commercial premises. These different environments are subject to different regulations so we adhere to the rules which apply to a) the type of junk we collect and b) the place we have picked up from.

There are so many waste streams it's vital that we completely understand how the recycling process works - that allows us to make sure we operate compliantly and ethically. For example: green waste is composted and mulched and makes its way back to the land for farming and gardening purposes - that's a satisfying recycling chain! Cardboard is baled and recycled to make new packaging materials. We've been in the business a long time so we know what's required, even for more complicated waste management.

We use commercial, licensed waste transfer facilities under a duty of care (see image). At the facility they will pre-sort, sort again (trommel), hand-sort and complete the process by sending the very last of the residual product to waste to energy plants (WTEP). We invest properly to make sure all of our collections are managed in this way and a paper trail audits this process so our work is transparent.

There's a whole science behind the more complicated aspect of waste management which involves many layers of recycling and repurposing. We can wax lyrical for many hours on the subject and, as a family business, you can guess we often do!

What's important for our customers is that we take pride in managing the unseen part of the job, the customer has a paper trail to certify responsible clearance and we are fully regulated by all the relevant bodies.

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