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Why we’re the go-to company for the property sector

We work with a good number of professionals in the property sector in and around Cambridge – estate agents, letting agents, developers and landlords. We’ve become well-known as a reliable company who can help with house, office and garden clearances with the goals of both the property contact and their client in mind.

For someone with a property to manage, it’s vital that house clearances are undertaken quickly, compliantly and professionally. For the property owners (and often they are not the same people) it’s just as important that the people who are doing the clearance are respectful and careful. This is especially true of clearances or partial clearances following a bereavement.

We work with landlords between tenants, estate agents preparing a property for sale, families who have suffered a bereavement and developers clearing properties ready for refurbishment for example.

One of our projects involved a house clearance for a bereaved family who were too upset to enter the property. We managed the entire process, putting aside anything of value, emotional or financial, boxing up photographs and other items we thought would be important to them. They were able to sell the cleared property and deal with the carefully preserved belongings in their own time. This is an example of one of the more sensitive pieces of work we have undertaken.

Working efficiently in teams of two, our crews are punctual and smartly presented in Optimum uniform, wearing our own PPE if required. The vans are liveried so you know exactly who is on your premises. We can quote in person or using photos via our secure, digital, website form. We always prefer to quote in person as it allows you to meet us and understand exactly how we work.

We’ll clear all (or part) of the premises, as required. We issue a full paperwork trail (via waste transfer notes) which we are currently starting to issue digitally so everything is online and accessible. In the property world there is so much documentation we are keen to make life easier by making our admin processes user-friendly. Being responsive and managing the process quickly and smoothly means that any marketing or development can start promptly, including new tenant lets.

Everything we remove is disposed of correctly and lawfully, using licensed, commercial waste transfer stations. We take everything, including more challenging items such as fridges, sofas and mattresses as we have the correct channels available to us to process them.

Our teams are reliable and punctual which we know is important when many people are relying on us completing our part of the chain of actions required to repurpose a property. We are mindful of our environment and make sure we work efficiently but with care for the property we’re in. And of course we’re fully insured.

We are happy to go the extra mile – dismantling large items, bagging rubbish, clearing gardens, garages and outdoor spaces, removing old sheds – whatever is required to clear the space and get it ready for its next use. Our property customers rely on us for a fast, efficient and helpful service to keep their properties moving and ready for use.

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