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When two heads are better than one

Great things in business are never done by one person; they're done by a team of people [Steve Jobs]

There are a few excellent reasons why we work in teams of two – and honestly, we don’t believe there is a better or safer way to do our job.

Here’s why we collect your waste, junk and rubbish in twos…

  • Two people to carry and manoeuvre large, bulky items

  • Two people complete the pick up much more swiftly

  • Two people to resolve any technical issues

  • One to navigate and one to drive

  • Two people is always much safer, especially when collecting heavy items

  • Two people makes a team and team working is better for everyone (you get a much better conversation with two)

  • Two people support each other throughout the day and keep energy levels and spirits high

All of these reasons benefit both our teams and also, of course, our customers. We know our guys are looking out for each other in terms of safety and efficiency. And our teams work in harmony at both ends of the job – at your premises and at the waste transfer station.

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