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Managing the emotional side of house clearances

We do a lot of house clearances but what most people don’t realise is that this type of work calls for a different approach to our everyday junk removal.

In nearly every instance a house clearance is the result of changing circumstances – often a family death, a move into a care home, divorce, the result of psychological hoarding disorders and also rented properties that have been left seriously neglected by tenants who are long gone.

All of these situations require our team to get the job done quickly but with additional courtesy and respect for the items being removed and for the people who are employing us – whether that is the home owner, relatives or an agency. We understand that there is potential for trauma behind every house clearance and will make the process as straightforward and pain-free as we can.

Sweeping through someone’s home and removing large amounts of rubbish is a de-clutterer’s dream but we have to stop and remember that, often, much of the rubbish has been someone’s personal, private and precious belongings at some point. There is emotion involved – not for us, but usually for the homeowner. This is something we recognise and work with.

Of course, with the nature of our work, we also come across overlooked valuables. We have reunited any number of precious pieces of jewellery with their owners, usually assumed they are lost forever. It’s a great part of the work we do.

If it’s a whole house clearance we can work through, room by room, until it is exactly as required. We dismantle large items such as wardrobes and garden sheds. Unwieldy things such as sofas and sideboards are removed and we free up space for the house to be returned to the owner, ready for its next phase of life. The aim is always to take the hard work out of the clearance, making the experience more manageable for everyone.

It’s not always a question of emptying a home completely, we can leave any identified items or do a partial clearance – whatever’s requested. We take our cues from whoever has organised the clearance and work alongside them. To make this happen effectively we prefer to come and quote for a house clearance in advance so we can understand exactly what’s needed. Some people simply can’t face emptying wardrobes or drawers so we make sure all parameters are set and know what is needed. Part of what we do is to inspire well-placed confidence and trust.

You can’t fabricate empathy and kindness so we make sure that Optimum Recycling has people who show these characteristics day in, day out. We often receive compliments on the team which we never take for granted.

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